Our Restaurant


¨Don Rosalino¨ was born in 1976 in the heart of Miraflores, exactly on Juan Figari street, today known as ¨calle de las pizzas¨ (pizzas’ street)

We started as a ¨to go restaurant¨ offering a limited menu and having between 10 to 12 varieties with some main courses and desserts, but it was given the quality of our supplies and the service we provide that we gained acknowledgment and prestige from our visitors that passed from being our occasional visitors to be our regular clients.

Nowadays ¨Don Rosalino¨ is an Italian-Peruavian fusion food restaurant that along time has evolved to an operational level but keeping the soul of its recipes.

We count with a wide menú that offers from Italian traditional dishes to the most delicious fusions with Peruvian food.

For all these reasons We can say without hesitations that ¨Don Rosalino¨ is one of a kind.


To be the main Italian-Peruvian fusion food restaurant reference in the country.


To provide the best service experience at any time by using high quality supplies to guaranty a one-of-a-kind product with a memorable taste that our clients will always remember.